Typhoon And Monsoon In July

satellite image from NASA typhoon gorio (local name)

This typhoon enhanced the monsoon rains over the Philippines. It has been raining everyday since monday and the week is almost finished. The ground is taking the extra precipitation but there are low lying areas already flooded. After mid-week most cities around Metro Manila have had to declare no schools and government services closed except for emergency services. 

Mina has the flu maybe due to the weather. It always happens to her every time she comes home. It's either the cold, the flu or tummy ache. Get well sister. The welcome news is that Mother is fine and up cooking her favorite breakfast. 

The way I put the title to this post seems to make the occurence rare or even bizarre. It is the monsoon season in Southeast Asia. It is the start of the typhoon season, although if you go back to weather records you can find at least one typhoon visiting us in any month of the year. The previous 5 years are dry years, the dry season had been longer than the usual. You can also say that the wet seasons had been bringing record setting levels of precipitation.
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