The Simplest Explanation

After that accidental reboot a few days ago, I keep getting something from the logs. It's about the kernel unable to resolve /dev/sdd1
symlinks, about ata6 fails. This is a drive which is a member of
/dev/md0, a RAID5 array I use. I checked the RAID with:

$mdadm --detail /dev/md0

and the supposed 3 working devices making up this RAID5 array is now 2,
with 1 removed as reported in the logs.

This is happening for a couple of days now, sometimes more than once a
day. I would add the device back to the array but the kernel will
complain about ata6 (/dev/sdd) and remove it from the array. I already
checked this hard drive (/dev/sdd 1 TB). SMART marks this hardware OK
and I ran an extended self-test on it to satisfy my self. Is this a
software or a hardware problem?

I opened the desktop box panel so I can inspect the cables for the
drives. It's always the cables, it's always the loose connection.
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