How Did I Get Started With Linux?

I started my journey in Linux from Windows XP. I spent half the time
trying to regain control of my computer. I spent too many minutes
checking malware and viruses. I spent too many minutes wondering why my
machine is getting slow. Then I ask myself if there's a better way.

A better way is not a new GUI. A better way is not surrendering control
to the machine and letting it handle the way I work. When I first
install a Linux distribution, I was surprised at its speed, then I
checked if I can work with the alternative applications. Using Linux is
empowering. You figure things out with other people online asking the
same questions. Then I read. Then I do and test. Then I learn.

I don't create code. I do know how to work a script. I examine logs.
Then I read. Then I learn. This is something I wouldn't do if I'm using
Microsoft or OSX, although you can code on those platforms.
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