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RAID: Added 1 x 2TB Hard drive

I talked about RAID in my system before here and here. My present set up is:
/dev/sda5      SSD      223GB   EXT4    /  
/dev/sdb1     HHD      2TB       Linux raid      /media/user
/dev/sdc1      HHD      1TB       Linux raid     /media/user

/dev/sdd1      HHD      2TB      unpartitioned - free space

/dev/md0        2 devices    /dev/sdb1   /dev/sdc1

/dev/sdc1 is old. It has 27,500 hours of use according to smartctl. You can open the terminal and type:

#smartctl -a /dev/sdc

to get collected data from the device. Among other attributes see Power-on-hours to get the total hours this hard drive has been spinning. Also pay attention to 5 Attribute the allocated Sector Count. Any value you see other than 100 there, you should move your data somewhere else. 

I have a RAID5 which includes this device. So any warning notification I can fail and remove it. Replace it with a new hard drive. I am completing my RAID 5 array with a new hard drive today.

After installing the hard drive to your SATA cable and power cable. See if your computer detects it. Type:

#fdisk -l

Then partition the disk with fdisk.

#fdisk /dev/sdd

fdisk will create a new partition and create a partition table for you. 

-d     delete partition
-n     create new partition
-p     print new partition and details
-t      change to new type of filesystem
-l       list filesystem type 
-q      quit without saving
-w     write changes, and think first before typing enter

Once the new partition in the new hard drive is ready. I added the device to the RAID array.

/dev/md0          2 devices         /dev/sdb1     /dev/sdc1

To add the new device to the RAID array:

#mdadm  -add /dev/md0 /dev/sdd1

Check the status of the array:

#cat /proc/mdstat

It will show that /dev/sdd1 is a spare. I have to grow the array to 3 devices.

#mdadm --grow --raid-devices=3  /dev/md0 

You can monitor the sync process of the array with:
#cat /proc/mdstat

Donato Roque @ubuntu-16.04
mobile: 63-918-572-1710
and this is my blog.
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