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Hi Reese

I reinstalled ubuntu 16.04 yesterday. I was able to use the live usb I have of Xenial. So that bit of paranoia saved my skin. I used the whole SSD and told the installer to just wipe the old one off. I have 16 GB of swap. I have /boot. I have full disk encryption including the swap partition.

I also ticked the option to encrypt my /home. It gave me a key. So as I understand this, if I can't log into my desktop ubuntu anymore I will need the key to decrypt the /home and get access to my data.

The installer downloaded all the necessary codecs for the music and video, including flash. Nice of the installer to include that option. It was quick less than 40 minutes and I have ubuntu 16.04 in my hard drive. Bringing all the packages up to date is another story. I guess if you have a very fast connection it won't take you as long as I have.

I have to get my back ups from two sources. First I have a USB backup. Second I have Megasync, which is a cloud back up solution for me. For the 2nd solution, all i have to do is download the sync client to my desktop and log in.

Ubuntu needs to recognize the existing raid I have. I downloaded mdadm. I have to assemble the raid and it went well considering I haven't done this before.

$sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

$cat /proc/mdstat

I also edited /etc/fstab for the raid device. I mounted the raid to /media/donato. Always use the UUID of the hard drive or the raid.

$sudo blkid

So I had to use apt to install some applications which do not come with the base. These are "mdadm", "gsmart, smartmontools", "gnucash" and "calibre". I'm still downloading some other application as I go along. I need rkhunter and several add-ons for Thunderbird. I need Keepass2. I saved the gnupg folder from my Megasync cloud back up. I copied that to my /home and checked if Seahorse got it.

I have Firefox synced my bookmarks and history. I got my contacts imported from my smartphone. Tip: Use your smartphone to export contacts in vcf format. Then in your desktop use Thunderbird to import the vcf file. It works quite well.
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