Monday, April 18, 2016

Part 2 - From Fedora 23 To Ubuntu 14.04 lts

Hi Reese

I followed some tutorials for creating RAID and filesystem then mounting
the RAID disks to an existing installation of linux. I checked the configuration
files for mdadm and fstab. I found nothing or so I thought.

I printed out results for fdisk and raid scan. It turns out I had copied the
wrong UUID for the RAID in my fstab file.

Didn't know that you can create a RAID level 5 with just two disks though.
Of course for practical purposes it's not RAID 5 but a RAID 1, two disks
mirroring each other because the parity are on two disks. I'm adding another
disk further on - maybe a spare disk later after that.

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