From Fedora 23 To Ubuntu 14.04 lts

Hi Reese

My project took me from using Fedora 23 to being unable to boot 
my PC to reinstalling the operating system to finally using 
Ubuntu 14.04 like a lifeboat. 

I was working on converting an old RAID 0 set up to a more 
robust RAID 5. RAID 5 will give me a chance to swap a replacement
hard drive for a failing one without, I had hoped, losing uptime
and data. After booting on a live cd to prepare the devices and
create the RAID, I tried to boot Fedora. No go. It kept shoving me
to "rescue mode". Uh-oh. I checked the RAID and it's clean and 
active. There's nothing wrong with the RAID or the conversion .
I checked the configuration files for mdadm and fstab. I don't
see anything odd. This is when I spent a lot of time googling. None
of the fixes I read worked.  
Donato Roque @ubuntu1404lts
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