Upgrading Fedora 22 To Fedora 23

Happy Fedora 22 user here and quite surprised after trying to upgrade to the next version of Fedora.

I'm expecting that the upgrade won't go because the Final release is on the 3rd Tuesday but I was fiddling with the terminal and the dnf command. So i did:

#dnf system-upgrade download --releasever 23

expecting, as I said, to get an error. But lo and behold! It connected to the Fedora 23 64 bit repos and calculated what packages to download for my system.

It then gave me the packages to be downloaded from the Fedora 23 repos including the RPM Fusion repos. Yes they are ready this time.

It started downloading the upgrade packages!
I can't download 2.5 GB right now. So I watched for a while and decided to pause the operation until I can get a better internet speed later in the day. I'm in that area where the time of day affects the speed of the connection.

I'm under no illusion that this is the Fedora 23 Final Release. They won't release until the 3rd. So I'm getting the beta. If I finish installation before the 3rd, then I'll get the beta version. When the 3rd of November comes or sometime later, I'll just have to update the system and I'll have the stable release version.

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