Upgrade, Update and Keeping In Touch

I try to remember not to sign my email blogs as this blog posting
method(Thunderbird) does not remove the encryption characters. I always
sign outgoing email. The last time I forgot, I had to go to the blog
website and edit the post then update.

I finished upgrading from F22 to F23 on the day F23 is suppose to be
released. They released it all right, just like they say they would. But
I started downloading 2 days before, and I have F23 the next day. I just
did an update today - a modest update of about 150 MB of packages.

Here's GNOME 3.18 on Fedora 23 Today. (above)
If you're wondering about the number of opensuse emails, I subscribe to
a lot of fora - debian, ubuntu, opensuse, archlinux, and fedora. I like
to keep in touch.

Donato Roque
Blogger since August 2007.
Linux user since 2004.
Fedora 23 kernel 4.2.3 GNU/Linux
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