Saturday, May 30, 2015

fedup My Way To Fedora 22 (part II)

To continue with the fedup upgrade process (that I stopped yesterday) open up the terminal and type:
#yum update fedup fedora-release

Then start fedup:
#fedup --network 22  

fedup continues where it left off. 

fedup is finishing the last trickle of downloads here. I had 2022 rpms total to upgrade yesterday.

fedup prompts you to reboot after downloading the packages.
I saw the System Upgrade option and selected it on reboot.
There's a slight glitch. The screen is showing a completed bar underneath the fedora logo for a long time there. So I checked the console. It's trying to automatically reboot and failing. So I manually did the reboot. 

After the reboot, (there's now a grub option for fedora 22, kernel 4.0.4 in my case) grub offers the new fedora 22 and the former fedora 21. I chose the fedora 22. I checked if I'm successful in the upgrade with:
#cat /etc/os-release

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