Fedora 22: First Impressions

Fedora 22

I always open my email client first. I decided to send my blog post using Evolution. I always sign my outgoing emails. It can't find my passphrase in seahorse and when I gave my gpg passphrase it won't accept it as correct. 

But don't worry I fixed it. I open seahorse, found my gpg keys and "change" my passphrase. Then open my email message to send it. Evolution prompted for the passphrase just like before and I gave my passphrase and this time it accepted it.

Audacious music player is crashing every song change. 
The crash must be related to the desktop notification. I investigated the plugins and disabled and enabled them one by one. I narrowed it down to a setting in the desktop notification plugin. It now plays continuously without crashing.

The notifications are basically banners at the top. 
There is a system tray in the left wing. If you hover your mouse and click, it will slide out. 

So far fedup has done a fine job. 
Use my PGP key if you want to encrypt your replies/messages to me. You are invited to also send me your PGP keys so we can communicate in private.
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