Somebody Else's Total Eclipse

Europe was watching the sun get blocked by the earth's moon yesterday. I watched the video clip from the BBC. I faintly remember experiencing a solar eclipse when I was a child in the 70s. I live in Southeast Asia. It was weird and awe inspiring because my science teacher had explained everything to us about planetary motion, light and shadow, before hand. I would later in my high school classes learn about geomety and algebra and the mathematical equations that govern physics and motion. It doesn't lessen the awesome power and wonder whenever the heavens show its intricate presence.

 It's 2015 and we have sent machines to land on the moon and the planets. We still have to stand on the surface of another planet. How can we not want that? How do we stay still while so much lay undiscovered? We will always ask questions. We will want answers. Someday we will all conclude that the answers can only come if we go.

When I go out into the woods, I carry my old boys scout compass. I like to play lost but sometimes I do get lost. Knowing what to do when one is lost doesn't lessen the sense of adventure, it only makes it more satisfying. 
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