Just Tried Linux And I'm Glad I Did

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<br>I've just tried installing OpenSuse and Fedora on my computer along
with Ubuntu. These distros are the top distros in the Distrowatch page
hit rankings. People do ask a lot of questions about which one they
should use in their computers. They are easy to install because of their
graphical installation tools. New users will find them friendly to
install and configure.<br>

<br>My experience in installing these linux distros is one of delight
and surprise. I have installed linux distros since 2004 and compared to
the present, that is like the moon landing while today' s affair is like
a party. I mean friends bring their laptops and do it together-like it's
a party.<br>

<br>As long as the wireless connection is holding and reliable, there's
no reason why you can't have a party and install linux.<br>

<br>I use Ubuntu. I use Unity. I have no problem with the dash and the
unity-search. You can turn it off if you don't want it. I think
Canonical and the Ubuntu developers did a fantastic job with trusty tahr
(14.04). It was sad when they had to drop Ubuntu One but the users have
other free alternatives anyway. <br>

<br>I am a happy user after trying out several outstanding distros that
represent the present crop of newly released linux operating system.
They are secure by default with no additional tweaking needed to make
them ready for the challenges of the web. <br>
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