Happy Seven Years of Blogger

It has been 7 years since I first posted here in Blogger. I signed up for a Gmail account a week earlier then signed up for a blogger account afterwards. It felt empowering and a little overwhelming to open up my thoughts to the web. I had to find my voice and learn what I think is appropriate for the web.

2007 seemed so far away. I was using Ubuntu linux 7.04 and getting my feet wet in open source. I just switched from MS XP. It's another space expanding experience. From Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox.

I passed the 50k email count in Gmail last month. Google gave me 15GB of storage. It's mostly Gmail and photos. I remember when Yahoo gave away 1GB of email storage. I thought that was the coolest thing.

Mom is out of the country. She left October 2011. I have been managing our property for leasing since then. I have Imee to ask for help if I am swamped. It was difficult at the start. I am learning. I have been posting monthly graphics of cash and finances.

I want to apply for a new Meralco meter. R1 apartment and C3 share a single electric meter. It's difficult to convince tenants to accept shared or sub-metered spaces. They think you're doing magic math every month when the electric bill comes. I want to upgrade my computer. I bought this 2008 and I should have picked a better motherboard (with DDR 3). I can live with a core 2 duo but a 2GB RAM is getting to be unpleasant now.

My 1TB harddrive is almost filled (83-87%), mostly with tv series, films and music. This year I listened most often to Vampire Weekend, The Strokes and Beach House. I'm binge-watching "House MD". The last movie I watched is "Rush" and "The Avengers".

I plan to upgrade to an Intel i5 processor and an 8GB RAM. I want to triple my disk capacity. I plan to upgrade my internet plan to 10mbps. I'm looking at doing a home server.

Here's looking to number 8.

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