Two Graphs: Cash Balance and Gross Profit Analysis

These are Cash Balances at the beginning of the month since October 2011 to June 2014. I made this graph using LibreOffice Spreadsheet. The data cash points are in blue dots and the dotted curve line is my model which has an r squared of 0.85. I tried other formulas for the model built in but this one has the highest r2.

Highest r2 means most of the data points fits the model.

The line curves upwards which tells me that cash levels are more likely to increase. Data points appearing above the line means I have underspend and data points under the line means I have overspend.

I have shown a graph like this in this blog here.

The blue data set is revenue. The red data set is expenses.

I have extended the data set to include the latest for June 2014. As you can see there's a bright spot there. Greater separation between the two sets of points. I hope it holds.
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