Audacious Replaces Rhythmbox

I've been using Audacious since 12.04 instead of Rhythmbox or Banshee. I discovered Audacious when I was dual booting Archlinux and Ubuntu in one of my machines. I like Audacious because it is solid, reliable and resource efficient but feature-full. It plays all codec types format types I can throw at it. Plugins are not an afterthought. I can enable them without any problems.

Its tab interface is no problem to me. I can work with it. If the browser's tabs format is okay to people then why not a music player. To be honest, I'll miss the cover art but the plug-in / patch work way they try to implement this on Rhythmbox isn't working for me. Too buggy, sudden spikes in cpu, then locks up. The basic Rhythmbox works well though.

One of these days, I'll test the brand new Banshee. It's in version 2.6 now and it's a bug fix release. I can't wait.

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