Two Asteroids Got Our Attention

NASA knows the path and arrival of asteroid 2012 DA14. This rock is 45 to 50 meters in diameter and will pass very close to earth. It was not visible but radio images were provided. It passed within the orbit of most earth satellites that 15th of February 2013.

Another asteroid was to make history and a flashy appearance. This rock entered the earth's atmosphere, shone like the sun, broke in pieces, shattered glass windows and panicked a city. It's about 17 meters in diameter and released energy estimated at 470 kilotons of TNT according to Western Ontario Professor of Physics Peter Brown's analysis. Say about 24 times Hiroshima. Don't take the professor's word for it, you can go to YouTube and search for video testimony of the bright rock captured by russian dash cams also the same day.

It's only a coincidence says NASA. 
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