Monday, March 18, 2013

Raring Ringtail Is Outstanding

I installed 12.04 Ubuntu Unity last year. It is awesome as always. Then October came and I upgraded to 12.10 using the upgrade tool. There were additional lenses or scopes that came with this version. Unity dash is slower and there are frequent freezes when I use the dash search because it takes time to populate the images / icons.

Unity is annoying in 12.10. It is suppose to make life easier but it fails to deliver. A few days before the beta release of 13.04 I decided to upgrade again. Raring Ringtail is alpha but I heard that it is ready. Was I glad I took the plunge.

Raring is ready. I lost skype but no big deal. No freezes when I use the dash search and there are additional lenses / scopes. A few icons like the home folder and the updater are replaced with new ones. There's a new version of the linux kernel used here,, as of Saturday. I am using nvidia driver 304.0. There are a few instances when the desktop crashes coming out of sleep. I move the muse and I get a black background with a moving mouse cursor. I wait a few seconds and my desktop is restarted. It could be a glitch.

I have a chromium problem. After checking things out and looking at the logs, I believe the problem is with a restrictive enforced apparmor profile. After putting the profile to complain, chromium browser is starting again. I can live with this set up. I checked the apparmor status and the chromium plugins (flash and javascripts) are still in enforce status. Chromium browser has a built in sandbox for each tab anyway.

In short Raring Ringtail is ready for use but watch out for surprises since technically it is still in development and there could be any unreported bugs yet. My personal use tells me it is going to be an outstanding release in April.
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