My Thoughts On GNOME 3 Online Accounts

I like the idea that chat and email (and yes the social networks) are
being handled (created, started, notifications) by the operating system
or at least the desktop environment. Of course individual applications
are also doing these things on their own (Zimbra client, Thunderbird).
My surprise is that desktop environments are failing at this and
Zimbra-Thunderbird are pushing forward.

I am using GNOME 3.6.x now in Arch Linux. I guess the question in the
users' mind is when will it be robust enough so the basic integration is
persistent even after a point update. Obviously, the development doesn't
stop but certainly you have to agree that all these effort should end
with your product being used by most of your intended user community.

My wariness stems from GNOME 3's inclination to break things which are
previously working. Sometimes all it takes is to clean old configuration
files and restart the application or session. Sometimes a
re-installation is required. I would venture to guess that most of GNOME
3's intended users would not be able to "fix" this troubles even after
google-ing it.
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