Updated To GNOME 3.6 Arch Linux

Arch just released the GNOME 3.6 packages to general users (non-testers). I updated my system a week ago. (just posting it now)

Like previous install of GNOME, I definitely want a change of icons. I got Faenza icons and icon themes installed and enabled them with gnome-tweak-tool. You might want to visit the gnome-extension website to turn on user-theme extension first.

I saved an epiphany-app site for twitter (and facebook) as I use it often. Epiphany is a native GNOME browser with minimal resource usage. I can open it and never close it until I turn off the computer. I really want to hear arguments regarding security with this kind of use scenario.

I tend to open it and not close it until the session is over. I wouldn't worry if its Firefox and working with Apparmor profile.

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