Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is Marawi Duterte's Example Of Paradise?

I've realized that people shouldn't rely on Duterte's words or the accuracy of those words. His promises which include dates, have come and gone. He should be made accountable for unattained goals. I wonder if the Philippine 1987 Constitution allow for early termination of employment due to unattained promises and expectations. I have an employee in mind who I think should be fired.

The city of Marawi is an Islamic center of education and culture. It is the site for the Mindanao State University, school for Filipino muslim scholars. When I think of this city, I have well-to-do muslim families enjoying rustic living in mind. If I'm very far from your image of Marawi, then I apologize. I have long time friends who live there and call Marawi their home. Its 87 square kilometer area is lush jungle with 200,000+ population. Its most picturesque locale is the view over Lake Lanao.Lake Lanao in Marawi

Duterte in a speech last year, dared anonymous groups to invade Marawi, specifically. Wait what? Why Marawi? Maybe a commander in chief has privelege intelligence that we mere mortals don't have. Several months later, an AFP/PNP operation spilled over to the city and the Maute group took several installations under their control while civilians are caught in the middle. There are now reports of 16 dead bodies recovered, executed IS style. Not surprising since the Maute group declared allegiance to IS. The government's response is to declare Martial Law over all of Mindanao and send more troops into a city still full of hungry civilians.

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