Property tax and Deadlines 2017

Hi Reese

No news yet on the Property tax and the new number for the "house" part of the property tax/ municipal property tax. They gave a new number and retired the old one but they promised that the estimated value of the property will approximately be the same. No new number yet as of today. The deadline for payment of the property tax is today for the 2017 year. So we are in limbo.

April 2017 ushers in a new phase. Simeon is leaving us. We are terminating the contract on R6. Mina will be renovating the house formerly known as R6.

I have not implemented a hard rent increase this year 2017. For new tenants I have charged a new higher rent for them. Is there a need? Yes there is a need. If I want to ensure property maintenance and upgrade in the coming years, I have to increase rent. If I want to ensure continuity of operations in the coming years, yes I have to  increase rent. 

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