Turning My Desktop Linux Into A Media Server For Other Devices In the Network Over Wifi

I have a Linux desktop. I am using Fedora 23 in my home as my main computer. My sister uses a laptop mainly to access the internet and play some Youtube and music files. After I got my smartphone a week ago, I've been interested in listening to my music using my phone. I have approximately 800 GB of media files in the desktop. Most of it are movies and around 200+ GB are music files. I hope to turn my Fedora Linux desktop into a media server for the home network. How do I do that?

Fedora 23 has samba installed by default but I checked my system. I am lacking some packages. So I downloaded samba and system-config-samba from the repositories. Then simply add shares to the GUI. Check if your firewall policy allows samba service. Check if your router allows media server and also allows file sharing. It's easy with mine because it has a web interface.

Also you have to start samba in systemd.
      #sudo systemctl start smb.service
      #sudo systemctl start nmb.service
      #sudo systemctl restart firewalld.service
You should also enable the services permanently.
      #sudo systemctl enable smb.service
      #sudo systemctl enable nmb service

Open the file manager and click on Networks. The name of your samba group e.g. mygroup, mynetwork should be visible in the desktop file manager.

Now I went to my smartphone's file manager and a new folder contains the desktop's media files. I can listen to my music files. I can watch my movies. I'm using the default media players that came pre-installed with the smartphone. No additional software or app installed here. Just the ones above mentioned in the desktop.

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