A Happy Fedora 22 User

The release of Fedora 23 the next stable version of Fedora Linux is 
delayed to the 3rd of November. Of course most of us Fedora 22 users
are waiting for the next stable version to be released but waiting one
more week isn't a big deal. Fedora is a cutting edge distribution. Packages
are the freshest I've ever used in a distribution. I'm on kernel 4.2.3 and 
this was released by the devs the first week of this month. 

I have not encountered any instability from Fedora 20 onward. I've 
updated it to Fedora 22 continuously every stable version becomes 
available. My experience with the distribution is that most problems are
solved by the release of new packages as they are made available. I'm
using GNOME as desktop environment but you could just use dnf to 
remove it and install another. I'm looking forward to GNOME 3.18. I hope
that it too would be stable in Fedora 23. 
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