Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Forty-Seventh

I did some digging in the old picture books that my sister kept. I asked her to give me the oldest photos so I can scan and save them.  I want to rescue them from decay by digitizing these precious ones and to save them in my hard drive. Ultimately, I uploaded them to a cloud service. For the very special ones. I uploaded them to more than one.

I think I'm three and a couple of months old here. My dad bought me a bike. I remember this bike when it was rusting in the garage.

I was nervous about the whole thing. See how I smiled?

My feet can just barely touch the pedals. My father was a race bike fan. I think he had plans for me after this.

My birthday is just around the corner. When I see myself in the mirror I tend to break into this smile wondering how my feet got here.

My forty-seventh. It's 2014. I wonder if I'm not suppose to last this long. Like the bike.

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