My Apology

I kept a blog for about a year in Posterous before it was devoured and sold. I thought then it's all right because I have Bloggers as a back up. I was wrong.

I usually upload images for that blog in its servers. I did not transfer those images to another server and I lost them. Some of the images I have in my local hard drive but some are forever lost. Wu-who.

Now I've learned my lesson. Back up. Back up. Back up.

You might want to browse my Wordpress blog which I kept in parallel with the Posterous one and kept the images in their own servers.

So I apologise to you if you browse the archives and come across some posts which are missing some images. I am trying to edit them and connect them to the back up or to link them to relevant images.

I am sorry but this is my fault. I am lazy. I'll do better.
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