Start Ending Poverty and Support the Reproductive Health Bill

The main obvious point I wish to say is that all women are mothers. We all come from their womb. I know my mother would agree that it is she who takes care of the home while my father earns a living. This is how it is in my family and most Filipino families.

This bill recognizes that family planning methods integrated into social programs can alleviate poverty. This bill gives women the tools and the various options to solve the daily problems of having limited resources while your child looks up to you for their needs. This bill mandates the government to universally provide contraception to women. This is the main point of disagreement with the church and bill's opponents.

The church and its hierarchy has thrown every lie and false information into the debate when this bill was in the House of Representatives. Its proponents and supporters have answered this point by point and given out information to the public. The bill finally reached the President's desk for signing last year. The bill is now being challenged in the Supreme Court and its implementation halted.

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