Saturday, April 27, 2013

13.04 Ubuntu Is A Very Good Release (No ifs No buts)

There are many so called reviews of Ubuntu 13.04 coming from many so called tech / linux publications here and here.  You will not mistake their bias and the tone of their writing. Do read it. Remember though it's not tech news. Nor are these unbiased reviews.

If you haven't tried the latest Ubuntu, you can download 13.04 here.

I have been using the development version of 13.04 aka Raring Ringtail, and following the brouhaha regarding the suggestion to make Ubuntu a rolling release. The release is very good. 13.04 has the feel of an LTS. The Unity desktop in 13.04 is very quick and stable. Unfortunately Canonical reduced the support time from 18 months to 9 months. This will be the last ubuntu to use Xorg. The next version will use Mir.

These are exciting times for the Ubuntu community.
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