Back To Using Ubuntu Unity and...

I had to delete my Arch Linux partition. I have a problem with sytemd and it freezes at starting a graphical interface. I have no time or inclination to troubleshoot it. To be fair about it, the nvidia driver update might have something to do with the problem.

I am using Ubuntu 12.10 Unity now. It is slow. Okay, you want me to use the lens, right. Before it can populate the results with images, it takes 5 seconds of computing time. That's eternity to most users. Gnome 3.6 desktop search sources does not include my documents, pictures, music and videos. Not so useful does it? I use the GNOME desktop search application for that and it's faster than unity's.

I like Firefox in Ubuntu 12.10. I am using version 18.0.2 now. It's fast. No significant crash. Mozilla finally managed to solve the memory leaks. I've been using Firefox for 15 hours without closing it. Very good.

No more Evolution. hurray! I am glad that Thunderbird is the default mail application. Thunderbird delivers a more consistent experience. Mail search is top notch. It is easy to configure and if you are new to e-mail (really?) it offers you a free account.

I wish I could say a good word about Gwibber. But Thunderbird has a new social feature called Chat. You can enter your Twitter account and Facebook account details and have it handle your messages if you are so inclined.

Ubuntu went back to Rhythmbox. While I could use the default music player here, I very much prefer Audacious. The version that comes with 12.10 is 3.2.3. I know that I've been using 3.3.x back in Arch Linux. What's the difference? Well the latest edition of Audacious has better search.

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