A Snag In Installing Arch Linux

I use Ubuntu 12.04 as my main OS. I prepared a partition in the same device (where Ubuntu is). I want to install Arch Linux and use GNOME as my alternative desktop environment. Arch ditched their old Installer GUI and now use new scripts to guide users during installation. I successfully installed Arch at /dev/sda3 while Ubuntu 12.04 sits at /dev/sda1.

I want to use Ubuntu's GRUB to pull in whatever other OS is in my hard drive. Issuing 'update-grub' in the terminal doesn't do the job. Why is Ubuntu's version of GRUB unable to automatically detect Arch Linux in another partition? Is it a faulty Arch install? Is it a corrupt GRUB config file? Is it a bug in GRUB?

I googled the night away. The next day I googled some more and found this at ASK UBUNTU. jrg, one of many community moderators at Ask Ubuntu, provided me with a gem. And it works.


Thank you.
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