Windows 8 Backlash Leads To Linux Dominance

I don't see the backlash. Windows 8 might not be as welcome in the enterprise as in the desktop users but that doesn't mean there's a backlash. Enterprise users are happy with Windows 7. They will stay with W7. If my employer is unhappy with Windows 8 it doesn't mean they're moving to Linux.

I have been using Linux since 2005. I've not use Windows since I installed Linux in all my machines. I'm happy. With or without the Windows backlash, I will continue using my Linux Operating System. I think I'm pretty much in the majority as far as Linux users go. Poll?

Linux is getting to be a mainstream OS. It used to be hard to find hardware you can use with it. Not anymore. I was surprised that a co-worker was complaining about a printer/scanner failing to work with Windows. That same printer/scanner is detected by my operating system by default!

If you want my definition of Linux Dominance, it is this: Give me an old laptop with Windows in it and I will install Fedora with Gnome in it for less than 15 minutes. Give the same laptop to my 14 year old sister and she doesn't complain. Nor does she know what a Fedora or a Gnome is. 

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