Why I Find the Movie "The Terminator" Romantic

Even back in 1984, couples don't say let's go see The Terminator this weekend. It isn't a date movie. It's an action movie with Arnold Swarztnegger as a robot, excuse me, a cyborg in the lead role to prove it. It might also qualify as a nerd movie because it introduces the genre of post apocalypse, time travel and machine vs man in one movie.

I am hooked by the lone volunteer hero going back in time to save mankind. Of course back in 1984 when the movie came out, the PC revolution is just taking off. I watched this movie again in the 90's and realized the premise is right on track. It wont be the computers of the defense establishment that's going to take over the world. People will own their own computer everywhere. People will connect them to everything. And well you know the story...

Sarah Connor is the mother of the savior of the world, John Connor. Her son will take her last name because (shrugs) he doesn't know his father. She has a boring job in a diner serving meals. She spends weekends eating out, alone. She is dumped by her date.

Reese is a soldier from the future. He volunteers to go back in the past to save Sarah Connor. Reese's mission is a swing for the home run here. He wants to save a girl, the mother of the savior of the world, and secure the world's hope of victory over the machines. Reese even got John Connor on his side on this. He got a picture of Sarah from John. Reese is a lone wolf who worships his leader, John.

Two lonely people will find each other in the 21st century city of Los Angeles. They will be attracted to each other and fall in love. They will fight the world, not only for their love, but also for survival. Look. How many can say this of love that it is worth fighting for even if the world is against it and the future doesn't give it much chance of coming through the coming storm?

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