Trump's Foreign Policy Failures

When President Donald Trump met with NATO leaders, he reminded them they have to shoulder their share of defence costs for Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a couple of days later made a speech of realization. Merkel now knew that Europe cannot anymore completely depend on the United States for its defence.

This is not just about Trump's foreign policy. Americans are increasingly pressured to look inward now that their economy isn't exactly in the pink of health. Employment is getting back what it lost in 2008-2012 depression but a key factor here, that of wages isn't following expectations. In other words jobs are coming back but businesses aren't paying workers enough or aren't that confident yet of its future. It seems like America is just a shell of its former self.

Meanwhile, China is rising confidently as the second biggest economy in the world. Flexing its muscle in South America and Africa with economic aid packages for countries in trouble. China wants the world to remember the Silk Road in Asia and longs for better relationships with countries like Pakistan and India.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin holds on to power in Russia. Its military action in Crimea speaks loudly about its new found strength in Europe. The annexation of Crimea by Russia is a dangerous threat to security in Europe. Crimea is to the Russian navy, what the South China Sea artificial islands are to the Chinese navy. Both are big logistic bases which can be used to launch a naval operation.

Listening to President Donald Trump, I don't hear any good answer to these threats to American foreign interests. I see the start of the crumbling of the American prestige.
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