Milestones 2016

NASA wants you. Yes you can send your resume and apply at NASA for Mars
duty. They want to hear from you and get future astronauts for long term
space vogages. I think you have to convince them that you are 10 for 10
for this trip because it would cost around 55 Billion and cover at least
a decade.


Microsoft love linux. Microsoft is now a member of the Linux Foundation.
Why? Because it now makes perfect business sense to play with Linux,
that's why.

The former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos was hastily buried in
the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani after a Supreme Court decision to allow such
was handed down. This event is a partial reversal of the People Power
Revolution of 1986 when the military, police and civil society staged a
revolution to remove Marcos from power. It gives his heirs some
political room especially his son Bong Bong Marcos who ran as a VP

It's Maly Fiesta in honor of Sta. Cecilia, November 22.

Mina joined us flying from Houston to Manila in a surprise homecoming.
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