Fedora Is A Linux Distro

I have been talking about Fedora since I started using it last October 2014. I am not a Linux newcomer but Fedora Core as it was called a couple of years back, is my first rpm distro. I thought that this is going to be an issue but no it wasn't. A lot of people thought why I'm talking about a head gear in my computer blog a lot. This explains the title of this post.

There are around 200 or so Linux distributions or distro for short. You can check them out at http:/distrowatch.com.

What's different with Fedora, especially the current stable which is 21 "Twenty One", is it is offered in three downloads. I am using the Workstation offering. Fedora updates almost everyday. While offering a snapshot stable version for download, it also upgrades to the newest version of specific packages when it is ready. As in Mozilla Firefox you can use the testing channel to help in bug hunting.

 If you want to be the first kid in the block to have the new toy, then Fedora should be in your list of distros to be tried. It is easy to install and download. I recommend it to those who need to get their hands on the latest open source software.

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