My Review of The Shining

I first saw the film when a couple of college classmates got a video tape copy.The Shining was my first Stanley Kubrick film. It stars Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. The boy who has the ability to see things is played by Danny Lloyd. The family is spending the winter in a remote hotel up in the mountains as caretakers. Jack Torrence the father, accepted a job to baby sit a hotel while it's closed for the winter months. It was explained to him that a former employee committed suicide doing the same job.

Danny Torrence the boy, could sense danger. He has an imaginary friend named Tony who speaks out when he is stressed. The title of the film is a euphemism of his power to understand danger and to put light on dark and mysterious images.

My father used to call me Danny boy as soon as he gets home from work. Jack Torrence chased Danny with an axe in the movie while calling him Danny boy. I was watching this scene with a smile on my face that's why for the rest of the second semester that year, I'm Mr. Creepy.

My father used to call me Danny boy as soon as he gets home from work. 
Jack Nicholson made Jack Torrence the icon of deranged fathers for his performance here.

Other strange things in the story are the twins, the naked woman in the bathroom and the rushing wave of blood in the hallway.

The Overlook Hotel claims Jack as a  special customer. 
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