Ubuntu's Plan to Go Rolling Distro

There is a proposal that's being debated within Canonical's developers of the Ubuntu Linux distro which if implemented will turn the regular 6 month development cycles into a rolling distro model. It will keep the Long Term Support versions which is released every two years and supported for five years.

If this plan is implemented, how will it affect me?

I dual boot Arch linux and Ubuntu. I upgrade Ubuntu whenever a new version is released so that means I upgrade every six months. Arch linux is a rolling distro and one of the reasons I dual boot Ubuntu is because I deemed it more "stable" than Arch. This setup lets me play with a cutting edge rolling distro but also let me keep Ubuntu as a safety net.

Now that the two are going the rolling distro model...well you can see where I am going. I probably should look for the traditional distro where they release when it's ready. I could probably keep Ubuntu (the rolling distro) and play with it if I find that traditional distro which releases only when it's ready. Is there such a distro? Mageia comes to my mind.

My second option would be to stick with Ubuntu LTS and not upgrade until the next LTS two years after. Would that severely make Ubuntu stale? I don't know. I sure know a lot of people who still use 8.04 and they're sane enough for me.
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