Three months into using Ubuntu 12.10 and Arch Linux in a dual boot set up, I have the pleasure to say that it has been a happy co-existence. I've always been partial to Ubuntu, and after using it for 6 years now I can be forgiven. It has not disappointed me despite the changes in recent years. Now that changing operating systems is just an arrow key away in the grub page, I believe I've been spending considerable time in front of my computer using Arch instead. This light Linux distribution is fast and feels unhampered by added scripts. Indeed even with GNOME on top, the keyboard and mouse works without the nanosecond of waiting for a response.

 I have Linux kernel 3.6.x-x and GNOME 3.6. I have just upgraded my hardware with a recent purchase of an Intel 40 GB SSD to accompany my 1 TB SATA drive. I have a 2 GB RAM and a 2 GB swap partition.

Ubuntu 12.10 comes with kernel 3.5.x and a GNOME3 base. I prefer to use whatever default packages my choice of distribution is offering. In 12.10 unity is version 6.10.

Ubuntu and Arch share the Intel SSD equally but I installed GRUB in Ubuntu as I consider myself more skilled in Ubuntu/Debian than in Arch.  I also take into account the fact that Arch is a rolling distro and is more likely to upgrade kernels or break after an update. So far I don't have to worry about it though.

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