My View of Desktop Linux

The Linux community isn't a homogenous group with one need and one concept of how the desktop should look and feel. The great impetus like GNOME and KDE to create the linux desktop was born out of Microsoft's Windows' stranglehold on the PC. The great enemy is floundering now. Now what.

They are back in their own corners of the Linux world and feeling proud. They're saying they got the desktop they want and need already. It's going to take a couple of wild horses to drag these people out of their illusion. That change will eventually come is true. I applaud those people who see the coming storm and put out ideas. 

What we don't need are the attitude of "I'm the only answer you've got and you need". The Linux community is better than that.

Disclosure: I am a GNOME and Ubuntu user. (also an Archlinux user).
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