Xorg Uses Too Much Memory

Most people with laptops use their machines 3 hours continously. The limit is the battery and how efficient the hardware and their operating system use resources. For Desktop boxes plugged in to the electrical socket, this is not an issue.

But my battery is not my topic today.

I work with Ubuntu and Arch on my Desktop. It is natural for me to leave the computer on for 8 hours straight sometimes more than that. I do not encounter this in Arch and I have the Gnome environment on both. Now for the bug.


Xorg just uses too much memory. My top says it has 67-70% memory usage after 4 hours. The practical effects are sluggish mouse responses and slow graphics.

After 6 hours of this, the whole thing is just unusable.

Of course, I can just log out and log back in. Then it's fixed, until after 5 hours again.

But this happens in Ubuntu and not in Arch.

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