Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Iglesia Ni Cristo, EDSA and Justice

Politicians are always willing to buy votes. They can do it with cash or the expression
of their opinions. Obviously they would rather express and part with their opinions
since they love their cash more. 

Religions have their hands all over politics. Kings were heads of churches and Popes 
anoint Kings if you remember history. Last week, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, occupied EDSA
and stopped traffic for hours. They have a permit given them by the city of Mandaluyong
signed by Mayor Abalos. Filipinos who use this highway were angered and took to the
social media. The Iglesia Ni Cristo wants the investigation by the Department of Justice
to stop. This investigation started with an alleged detention and kidnapping of members
of Iglesia Ni Cristo by its leader. Secretary Leila de Lima rightfully, investigates any 
crime reported by citizens of this country. 

Should government keep its distance from matters of faith as the Iglesia Ni Cristo wants
it to do? Did the leader of Iglesia Ni Cristo illegally detained and kidnapped some of its
members? Netizens who quickly took to their social media accounts certainly believe that
they had been kept away from using EDSA. These people believe they were detained from
going home. They were delayed and inconvenienced, denied access to a public road by a
group who wants something from the government. 

I am not a lawyer but detention and kidnapping are serious crimes. Justice must take its
course. Politicians notwithstanding, justice should move blind and slow but right. 
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Expense 2015 Tally

I'm doing this monthly reporting again because a lot will be forgotten soon if I don't. To summarize: basic expenses include food, utilities and repairs. Food and utilities are self-explanatory. Utilities include electricity, water and phone bills.

Repairs were formerly expensed out in the month they are incurred or paid. This year I changed the treatment of all repair costs. I am capitalizing them all and putting them all to Property Improvements except for repairs specific to the period, non-recurring and small. I will systematically charge this cost over the life of the assets as depreciation. This treatment will be more logical and values assets more accurately.

Security Checklist In Linux

Hi Reese

I just finished reading a security checklist made by the Linux Foundation for its
system administrators. I'm going to set them down at least the most critical ones.

Enable Secure boot. Use it in hardware that supports it.
Enable UEFI rather than legacy BIOS.

Full disk encryption via LUKS.

Consider Distros that are widely used. Consider distros with automatic updates.

Use two browsers-one for work related browsing and the other for play or the rest.
Consider these add-ons for installation. No Script. HTTPS Everywhere. Privacy Badger.

Use a password manager. Use unique passwords for all sites.

Protect your SSH keys and PGP keys.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Evolution Mail Vs. Thunderbird Mail Clients

For the most part of my computing experience, I have been using email
clients in the desktop and laptops. These would be Outlook, Evolution
Mail and Thunderbird in various machines, in different times and in
many scenarios. I have tried in lesser degrees other email clients but
these three form the bulk of my email experience.

I have not used Windows OS for a very long time now so I can't write
much about Outlook.

I want to recommend both Evolution and Thunderbird to users looking
for an alternative to Microsoft and Mac. Having done that I want to
talk about some issues about these applications for the rest of this

Evolution Mail is both able to handle email and calendaring. It can
work with OpenPGP and encrypt or sign your emails. It is integrated
with the GNOME desktop to manage your keys and for desktop notifications

Thunderbird Mail is able to search your email fast. It is extensible
so you can add OpenPGP integration and calendaring. At version 38.x,
it comes with lightning (calendaring add-on) by default. It is highly
theme-able just like Mozilla's other product, Firefox. And also it
shares Firefox's extension store.

Lately, I have seen Evolution crashing when I try opening malformed
emails. I don't exactly know why, but certain forum emails present
Evolution with opening problems. Opening the same email in Thunderbird
doesn't seem to faze it. So this is an Evolution problem.

So just use Thunderbird, right?

I really like composing email with images inline to see how they'll
look. Most of my blog posts come from my email client. Evolution can
do this and more. It can even provide a limited image editor. Great
for thumbnails and icons. I can save a default signature for certain
emails. I like how it handles PGP signing and encrypting. It makes it
easy to read text even if it is signed. I like how easy it is to
choose fonts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pamana, the Philippine eagle, Is Dead

Somebody Shot Pamana, the Philippine eagle. The Philippine eagle is an
endangered specie. This is so profoundly sad.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fedora: Everyday Computing

Fedora 22 is the current stable version of the open source Linux operating system I'm using for my desktop. I love Linux and I prefer using it from any Windows or Mac operating system. 

Most of what I do in the Web I do using Mozilla's Firefox browser. Firefox browser comes with Fedora by default. 

Email is handled by Evolution as well as calendar functions. I use gEdit for text manipulations. If I need more than text editing there's LibreOffice Writer. 

I use GnuCash for my Accounting and Financial recording needs. If I need graphics for my data, I open LibreOffice Spreadsheet. 

For media like music and video I use gmusicbrowser and SMPlayer. 

There are a few non-open source applications in my computer. I have skype. I have megasync for syncing files to the cloud.  I still have flash but the way things are going it will go the way of the dinosaurs. 

I mostly play Super Tux Kart and Quadrapassel. 

Use my PGP key for privacy. Privacy is a human right. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Visit From The Salazar Family

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July 2015 Maly San Mateo Rizal
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